Parking Management

SenSource Parking Management Solutions allow you to accurately count and monitor slow moving vehicle traffic for parking lots and multi-level decks. Add Vea Software to our vehicle counters to collect, monitor and report your data in near real-time.

  Parking Management Products

Drive Thru Applications

SenSource offers several drive-thru detection and monitoring products to ensure our clients' needs are met. Whether you are looking for a simple, easy to install counter or a highly accurate, sophisticated solution, we have a sensor to provide the data you need.

  Drive Thru Applications

Road Traffic Monitoring

SenSource Road Traffic Solutions provide cost-sensitive automatic traffic counters for both temporary and moveable applications. Our car counters allow for through-traffic trend analysis such as peak traffic times. Easy to install, these products are ideal for roadways, government traffic studies and large park roads. Upgrade to all data collection with time and date stamps.

  Road Traffic Counter Products